How to Protect Your Commercial Property from Winter Damage

winter property damage

We’re in the thick of winter, but it’s not too late to hire us to take on snow removal for your commercial property.

The Grasshopper Gardens team is well equipped to handle the Nor’easters and large storms the Capital Region is known for. From plowing to ice removal, we do it all so you can focus on your business.

We’re also careful to minimize any damage to your commercial property during the plowing process. Here’s how we do it.

Protecting Your Commercial Property from Winter Damage

Surveying Your Property

We make it a point to survey your property and take note of anything that could be damaged once it’s covered by snow.

Manhole covers, water meter covers, and utility hardware can stick out of the ground and be hit with the edge of a snowplow blade, snow blower, or shovel. Even a piece of concrete sticking up just an inch can be hit by our machines and be broken.

All of these aspects of your property will be marked with snow stakes, so they remain damage free.

Marking Your Property

In addition to marking covers and hardware, we use snow stakes to mark fire hydrants, retaining walls, curb lines and more. If there’s an area that needs to be marked but that has no turf for a stake, we’ll make sure to mark it with a cone instead. Things like speed bumps can be badly damaged if the plow blade is not lifted before going them

Are There Any Pavers?

We like to be aware of any pavers that may be on your property. Areas with pavers need a rubber-edged plow blade because a regular blade can pull pavers up or damage them. Some pavers require a different, gentler ice melt product, too, especially if they’re made of clay.

We Protect Your Plants

We don’t just watch out for your pavers and sidewalks; we make it a point to protect your plants as well.

Our team avoids piling snow on shrubs, which can break their branches. We also don’t pile too much snow around trees to avoid damaging the bark.

When we apply snowmelt, we ensure that it only goes on hard surfaces. The chemicals in snowmelt can damage turf and plants, making for an unsightly lawn in spring.

Trust Us With Your Property’s Care

When the snow starts to come down it quickly covers your property, making it vulnerable to snowplows and shovels. Our commercial snow removal services are some of the best in the area and our team knows how to protect your property.

By surveying and marking your property we’re able to prevent winter damage. In the spring, the snow will melt to reveal your beautiful property, exactly how it was in the fall. Contact us today for an estimate on snow removal for your commercial property.