Cold-weather Plants for An Awesome Winter Landscape & Tips for Spring

winter landscaping plants

Did you know there are a number of gorgeous cold-weather plants that can liven a garden or landscape in the colder months? Of course, here in the Northeast, it’s important to plant and care of them before the first real hard frost; not to mention the impending heavy snows that come to upstate New York.

Nonetheless, here’s the Grasshopper Gardens short list of cold weather plants that we can plant while we come to your home to do some very necessary fall cleanup:

  1. Witch Hazel
  2. Evergreen Holly
  3. Red-twig dogwood
  4. Winterberry
  5. Boxwood
  6. Spruce

Snow, the Great Protector of Plants, Can Also Endanger Them

When we take care of your yard in the fall, you often hear us talk about and using mulching as a protectant. Similarly, snow and snow cover does the same, protecting the growth underneath. But, if not monitored or if you haven’t accurately prepared your plants for winter, you risk big problems. For example, Evergreens and their branches can break from the heavy snow – but don’t try to break rigid ice on them, that can cause damage too.

Preparing your plants and gardens can help you get in the habit of working together with snow to help ensure a great spring. Cutting back the dry stems on your perennials to soil level after a frost is helpful, but be sure to leave those with good-looking seed heads.
If you’ve been composting your dead plants, you can use this to condition the soil and help maintain soil and plant health through the winter, for a blooming spring.

Rodents in the Cold Weather Months

If you have a rodent problem in your yard or garden, you can wait until the ground comes to a good freeze and then try adding a layer of organic material on top to act as a winter mulch – this will discourage rodents from nesting.

Obviously these aren’t the only tips and that means there is so much more you can do and more that you can plant and plan for, but that’s why we do what we do. Give us a call and let’s get your fall cleanup taken care of and while we’re at it, we’ll help you get your lawn and garden prepped for winter, with the promise of a healthier spring!

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