Cold-weather Plants for An Awesome Winter Landscape & Tips for Spring

Witch hazel with snow

If you’re looking to spice up your home for the holidays, it’s time to reconsider your winter landscape.

By planting cold-weather plants, you can add some much-needed color and dimension to the exterior of your house. They also are great plants that can survive the worst of the winter outside! So, you won’t need to worry about them in the frost.

Let’s get started looking at the best cold-weather plants for your home!

1. Serviceberry

With star-shaped blossoms, this pinkish-white flower is planted in the winter to add beauty to your landscape come spring. The Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry flowers produce berries that are edible to humans and wildlife. Come autumn, these white flowers will then turn orange to a deep red with some yellow or purple shades. Because they’re easy to plant and maintain, this is an easy way to add color to your landscape come spring. 

2. Ninebark

People love planting ninebark around their homes, some of these include the Center Glow Ninebark and the Diabolo Ninebark. Not only are they easy maintenance, but they’re also exceptionally tough and can withstand cold climates. An added bonus, each spring ninebark blooms clusters of pink and white flowers that added color and texture to your home. This is also makes it a perfect plant to attract pollinators, which is especially good if you own a garden or grow many flower varieties.

3. Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel is a large deciduous shrub with colorful and fragrant flowers that bloom in the winter. It’s very low maintenance and extremely pest resistance, making it a great option for those who don’t want to be outside taking care of their plants in the cold weather. Because it has bright yellow flowers, this is a great addition to any entry way or around the front of the home. 

4. Pansies

If you’re looking for colorful cold-weather flowers instead of shrubs, we get it! If you love color, then pansies are for you. They come in many colors, but the deep purples ones are always a fan favorite. We suggest purchasing them mature or leaving them in a nursery until they are fully ready to survive the outdoors. 

Bonus Cold-Weather Flowers to Plant

There are so many options you can choose from! That’s why we also think you should look into these great frost-resistant options below:

  1. Arctic Fire Dogwood
  2. Winter Red Winterberry 
  3. Honeyworts
  4. Algerian Irises 

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As the temperature starts to drop, let us help you liven up your landscape before the first snowfall. We can plant your new additions to your winter landscape while doing some very necessary fall cleanup. Let’s work together to give your home exterior some extra holiday cheer, contact us!