3 Steps to Creating a Grand Landscape

Grasshopper Gardens landscape design diagram

Homeowners and business owners alike can have the landscape they desire when keeping a few steps in mind while working with our knowledgeable team. Whether your landscape is grand or modest in size, you can achieve the landscape of your dreams!

3 Steps to the Ideal Outdoor Living Space

1.Analyze the Space You Have:

Integrating form and function is an imperative part to designing your landscape. Take into consideration the layout of the landscape as well as the underlying structure, i.e. is it wet or dry, flat or bumpy, earthy or rocky, as well as if it is symmetrical vs. asymmetrical.

2. How will it Flow:

Take into consideration the topography of your landscape as well as its details or characteristics. Existing natural elements as well as man-made elements play an integral part of the overall design. While planning, you will need to consider aspects such as how a person will enter the space, move throughout it, as well as exiting the space.

3. Layout the Spaces:

Another aspect just as important is laying out the spaces and how they will be used. Will you be using the space primarily for entertainment, relaxation, or play? The answer to this question may tell you just how close you will want to be to your home or office.

Every space has the potential to be highly functional in addition to being beautiful. With the right combination of space, function, and design from our professionals your outdoor living space can come to life. Contact Grasshopper Gardens today to receive your free quote and to get started on your next project! We look forward to working with you and bringing your landscape dreams to life.