Your Guide to Easy Fall Lawn Care: 6 Things You Can Do to Start Now

rake with fall leaves

You work hard to maintain your lawn’s appearance all summer long, but did you know that prepping your lawn in the right ways in the fall could make that work even easier? That’s where fall lawn care comes in.

Yes, it’s true! Autumn isn’t the time to let the leaves pile up or ignore on your lawns needs. In this guide, let’s take a deep dive into what fall clean-up is and the six things you can do now to make your work in the future spring and summer months that much easier.

What is Fall Lawn Care?

For those of you who are new to lawn maintenance or need a refresher, fall lawn care or maintenance is taking specific actions now to clean and prepare your lawn for winter and the upcoming spring and summer seasons. There are many helpful tricks and things you can be doing to ensure a thick, green, and healthy lawn come spring. Fall yard cleanup with Grasshopper Gardens includes the removal of debris such as leaves, branches, and other elements helps to prevent the growth of fungi and diseases that can harm your lawn and other plants. Other fall services available are aeration of the lawn and trimming and pruning of bushes and shrubs.

In fact: not taking care of your lawn and shrubs in the fall is one of the most common mistakes of homeowners! Get ready this fall with these six easy fall lawn care necessities.

6 Easy Fall Lawn Care Necessities

1.     Keep the Sprinkler System Running

With more rain and dew, fall might seem like the season to stop watering your lawn — don’t. Though it may look like your lawn is getting enough water, chances are it isn’t. So, if your lawn isn’t getting at least an inch of water a week, it’s still necessary for you to use your sprinkler or irrigation system to keep your grass hydrated and healthy in preparation for winter.

2.     Mow to the Right Height

Yes, there’s a proper way to mow your law in the fall to keep it healthy. So, if you think fall is the time to relax on cutting your grass, don’t put that lawn mower away just yet.

It’s important to make sure your grass is an ideal three-inch to three-and-a-half-inch height. This will make sure it’s not too long to get snow mold or short to make it hard for your grass to endure winter’s cold, dry climate. Grasshopper Gardens will make sure that your lawn looks professionally groomed and generate a sense of balance and beauty all season long with lawn mowing services.

3.     Buy and Use a Fertilizer with Potassium

Adding fertilizer is a key step in making sure your lawn has enough nutrients to bounce back from the coldest climates. Not only will fertilizer protect your grass’s roots, but it will also give your lawn to awaken refreshed in the spring.

Grasshopper Gardens provides lawn fertilization, crabgrass and grub control for people across the Capitol Region. Preparing it for the frigid weather is as important as getting it ready for the growing season. Our experienced lawn technicians use proven processes and fertilization treatments to help keep your grass healthy and green!

4.     Try Late Season Fall and Winter Fertilization

On top of getting the right fertilizer for your lawn, you can do late-season fall and winter fertilization to keep your lawn nice and healthy. This isn’t to be confused with dormant or winter fertilization. Instead, this type of fertilization is a practice turf specialists like Grasshopper Gardens have been using for years.

Specifically, our turf specialists apply nitrogen to your lawn when its lost most of its green color and is no longer actively growing. This practice comes with a whole bunch of benefits like:

  • Increased shoot density
  • Improved fall, winter, and spring root growth
  • Enhanced energy storage reserves

This technique will help your turf grow in stronger and greener! You’ll also be amazed in how it’s a great way to fill in any bald spots.

5.     Tackle Weeds

Weeds are one of the first things to rob your lawn of the precious water and minerals it needs to thrive. Tackle the weeds now before they take over your lawn and kill your new grass growth by spring.

6.     Sprinkle New Seed

Over seeding is a natural way to promote lawn health and growth for your lawn. Laying down a proper foundation of seed will help you create a dense lawn, which can fight weeds more easily and fill in thin spots or bare patches. Fall is also the best time to overseed. The ground is in perfect condition for new growth to take hold. This is because it’s still warm, the nights are cool, there’s more moisture, and the sun isn’t so hot.

Over time, your lawn is depleted of its essential nutrients. This causes your grass to weaken and become susceptible to temperature fluctuations and disease.  Top dressing with compost by Grasshopper Gardens puts back these important nutrients that your lawn needs to stay healthy and strong.

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