Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Your Lawn in the Winter

Snow covered lawn

Your lawn may oftentimes be covered by snow in the winter months, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect it in the meantime!

There are a few things that should be done in the late fall, including fertilization, keeping grass low, and cleaning.

Why Fertilize Now?

Although it may seem pointless to fertilize your lawn before it’s about to be covered, the early winter months are actually the best time to fertilize cool-season grasses, which you likely have. It’s important to replace the nutrients that are lost during the warm summer months with fertilizer, which will continue to feed your lawn’s roots all winter long. By the time spring rolls around, your lawn will be healthy and ready to go!

Why Can’t My Grass Be Tall in the Winter?

A common misconception is that it doesn’t matter if you give your lawn one last mow before the snow hits. Actually, it is advisable to gradually lower the cutting base of your lawn as winter nears! Once the weather gets cold, mice and other small animals left outside will be seeking warm places to sleep. Leaving tall grass provides the perfect space for mice to burrow and create nests, which can destroy large parts of your lawn throughout the winter months.

Why Can’t I Leave My Things Outside?

When you’re not outside much and not worried about rain, it’s easy for items to be forgotten outside. However, leaving things outside in the winter months is actually how large dead spots form due to the weight of the object on the grass. To ensure that your grass will not be stunted in spots when spring comes, occasionally check outside during the winter to be sure that nothing is left out that could be weighing on your lawn.

Did you forget to do some of these things? No problem! Contact Grasshopper Gardens today to start preparing for the spring ahead.