What Time of the Year Should You Aerate Your Lawn?

A beautiful, well-maintained lawn.

Although you can aerate your lawn at any time of year, there are a few factors that can determine the most beneficial time for lawn aeration depending on where you live. Here are a few things to consider when preparing for lawn aeration.

1. Type of Grass

There are two main types of grass: warm-season grass and cool-season grass. As you might expect, warm-season grass thrives when aerated in the late spring or summer, while cool-season grass should be aerated in the early fall when temperatures start to drop or early spring before the weather gets hot.

2. Thatch Buildup

One of the main benefits of lawn aeration is that it breaks up the thatch that builds up throughout the year. Thatch is the layer of organic matter, such as grass clippings and leaves, that accumulates on your lawn over time. If left untreated, thatch can choke your lawn and cut off the supply of water and nutrients to your grass’s roots.

Aeration helps separate the thatch, allowing these nutrients to reach deeper into your lawn. If you have a lot of thatch, you might want to consider lawn aeration as soon as possible.

3. Weather Conditions

The moisture content of the soil is the third thing to consider when thinking about lawn aeration. Dry soil is harder to aerate than soil that is slightly moist, so if you’ve had a major dry spell in your area, it might be worth waiting until it rains. However, it’s also important not to aerate an overly saturated lawn. The best time to aerate is a few days after a rainfall.

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