Top 5 Projects With Grasshopper Gardens In The Capital Region

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Over the last 20+ years, Grasshopper Gardens has had the opportunity to design, complete and enjoy so many projects around the Capital Region. When we are given the opportunity to bring your vision to life, we think of everything from the traffic flow, materials, immediate needs, future wants, lighting and landscaping.

By partnering with Grasshopper Gardens, you know that efficient, top-quality care and precisions are going into your project. Check out some of our favorite projects and see if they inspire you!

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In our 20+ years of experience we can say one thing for sure, every lawn is unique. With our expert experience and care we can turn any of your outdoor projects into a beautiful reality. When you have a challenging or unique project, let our design experts help you come up with a design that is both beautiful and functional for the space. It’s important to know your immediate wants and someday wishes for the space.

Grasshopper was tasked with creating a landscape design for a unique sloped space. The challenge was the slope disconnected the upper and lower lawns. For this design we not only used hearty plants and mulch in the design but added our hardscape services to create a stone patio and firepit with natural stone steps to connect the lower part of the lawn to the upper lawn. This helped to separate out spaces for different uses but also to open up more area to be enjoyed.

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When you work with Grasshopper Gardens, you will have the confidence knowing that you have over 20 years of experience to draw ideas and inspiration from. Some of the best projects take inspiration from its surroundings and incorporates elements already found in the space.

This waterfront project was one of the most inspiring projects to work on. Drawing inspiration from the beautiful waterfront, Grasshopper Gardens wanted to create a space that would be enjoyed any time of day and allow for people to gather, enjoy a drink and relax while enjoying this amazing view. This project utilized many of the services we offer including masonry, paver installation, tree and plant install, and landscape services.

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Creating an outdoor living space at your home helps extend the usable square footage and also adds value and major curb appeal to buyers, guests, and neighbors. At Grasshopper Gardens, we can take a look at your space and pull together a custom project design and plan, working with your goals, existing structures, and available space.

For this project, Grasshopper Gardens created a beautiful outdoor dining and gathering area off the sliding door from the back of the house. The upgraded stairs leading out to the stone patio created a fluid and cohesive look to the space. Adding the stone paver patio defined a clear designated entertainment space leading out to a beautiful, manicured lawn.

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Beautiful landscape needs to start somewhere. As many developments are popping up, we have seen many opportunities and fresh canvases for landscaping projects. Once you have the plans for the structure, Grasshopper Gardens can help you bring your full conception to life. We work with homeowners to design patios, walkway, flowerbeds, irrigation systems, lighting features and more.

Over the last 20+ years, Grasshopper Gardens has installed hundreds of new lawns and nothing gives us more satisfaction than seeing a beautifully landscaped lawn. To get the grass growing process started, we offer options in sod and hydro seeding which both offer unique advantages. Grasshopper Gardens takes the time to ensure that the soil is properly graded and prepped prior to seeding, providing the best conditions for a flourishing lawn. One of the most important parts of your new lawn is going to be ensuring a proper watering regiment. Grasshopper Gardens can help with irrigation system installation to ensure a properly hydrated lawn all season long.

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Before, during and after the homeowner’s dream pool install, Grasshopper Gardens got to work on transforming this space into a dream oasis. By knowing how you will utilize your space, it will help us determine types of plants, irrigation system needs, hardscaping and lighting needs.

By adding a mixture of flowering plants, stone walkways and separate flower beds, we were able to create a quiet tranquil space with minimal day to day landscaping upkeep. The plants chosen were done so with the season and climate changes we often see in New York in mind.

Want to know more about how to turn your inspirations into action? Contact Grasshopper Gardens today to schedule your complementary design consultation. We can’t wait to get started!