The Problem with Grubs and How We Treat Them

Grubs and lawn care

First, understand that an abundance of grubs under your lawn can cause issues that visibly look like discoloration, dead grass, wilting, and a lot like you’re not taking care of your lawn.

Second, understand that the damage and mess that grubs can inflict on your lawn doesn’t typically show up until much later, after they’ve flourished below the surface.

Third, this means that it’s important to treat them early. But, we can certainly help you rid your grass of grubs after the damage is done and then help you nurse your lawn back to being healthy.

How Do We Do It?

At Grasshopper Gardens our lawn fertilization programs create lush and healthy lawns that are pest and disease free. We can customize our fertilization programs which range from basic lawn care to a full spectrum control of pests and disease prevention — but we can also help educate you on how to best control pests, like grubs, from returning in a manner that will ruin your lawn again.

A Number of Factors

A host of conditions can dictate how severe your grub problem can get. Here’s a few (but not all-inclusive):

  • Soil Moisture conditions
  • Amount of rain and watering
  • Over-irrigation
  • The sudden onset of dry weather

Grub Problems that Create Bigger Problems

Grubs sure are a lawn pest. But they’re also good food for other writers in your neighborhood. For example, raccoons and skunks will have no problem digging up and turning over large patches of your lawn to get to their next meal, namely grubs.

Treatment Is Essential

Early treatment is essential to maintaining a healthy lawn. Not only will pest control by us keep your lawn from dying off in patches, it’ll help keep bigger creatures from digging unsightly holes in your turf. Don’t wait till the problem becomes visible, give us a call or email us today to set up a consultation and see how we can help you be proactive rather than reactive. Here’s to a healthy lawn and you, the happy homeowner!