The Importance of Wetland Restoration and Planning

Wetlands upstate ny

When you think about preservation, you think about historical properties, the rainforest, etc.; but what about wetlands? Wetlands are important to the environment and ecosystem for numerous reasons. The most important being that they provide a habitat for a diverse community of plants and animals, including over 50 percent of the threatened or endangered species.

Why Preserving Wetlands Should be Top Priority

The cost to restore or replace a wetland is expensive, which is why it is important New York cities and rural areas work to preserve them. Just some of the benefits of preserving these special forms of landscape include:

  • Water Quality: The wetlands offer natural remediation sites for better water quality. Household and commercial waste, chemicals and toxic compounds can become trapped into these areas and the plants and biological processes that occur naturally in wetlands convert them into less harmful substances.
  • Recreation: Wetlands benefit the entire community by offering recreational activities, including hunting, bird watching, and fishing.
  • Flood Management: Wetlands are natural bio filters as well as a natural way to slow down or soak up water runoff, which can help prevent high volumes of flood water from entering nearby cities.
  • Habitat: Countless bird, fish, and native plant species thrive in wetland environments. These areas are home to endangered species and give aquatic and terrestrial species a place to live naturally and safely.

Use Environmental Landscape Services to Restore or Preserve Wetlands

The Albany and Upstate New York communities are working hard to restore and preserve the wetlands of the northern area of the state. Hire landscapers in Albany, NY that specialize in environmental landscapes because they understand the soils, seeding, plants, and how to prevent erosion.

Grasshopper Gardens offers environmental services and landscape design. We take pride in helping our local communities preserve wetlands and restore those that have been damaged by chemicals, human interference or weather. Our team is properly trained and certified to work on these delicate sites so that there is no harm done to the existing ecosystem.

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