The How, What and Why of Crab Grass Control

Crabgrass control

Ever look at your lawn and think, “You know, something doesn’t look right.” Then, as the season goes on, the problem seems to grow. You might even have ‘grassy vines’ growing out from the edge of your lawn to your driveway. Even your trimmer has a hard time getting rid of the stuff! The problem? Most likely crab grass. They might even call it that because it can make a homeowner pretty crabby. That’s not true, but sounds good. So how do we control crab grass?


It’s a good idea to start in the spring and control it throughout the summer. We use varying turf products when we treat your lawn. The idea is to kill it off in the spring and then use our services for maintenance in the summer, just to keep it from ‘creeping’ back into your life (and lawn).


Crab Grass is a creeping grass that can become a serious weed.


Tenacious crabgrass can take over your lawn and transform it from its thick, green, lush splendor into nothing more than the look and texture of an empty lot. Why ruin your lawn and take away your days of looking out your window, marveling at how beautiful your property is? We can help rid your lawn (and life) of crab grass and through regular maintenance, make sure it stays away!

Give us a call or email us to set up a consultation. We’ll walk you through your specific needs (not all services fit every client) and make sure your neighbors stay envious of your lawn!