The Grasshopper Design Process: The Initial Meeting

Landscape design plan

The first and most important step of the Grasshopper Gardens design process is the initial meeting. At this meeting, our design experts will discuss your needs and wants to help them understand what kind of project that you are looking for.

Grasshopper Gardens takes pride in creating unique outdoor space designs that are specific to each client. To ensure that this is done, our designer will go over many different aspects of the layout with you before putting together the perfect design.


We will take a look at the space to be worked with and note what areas we want to hide, enhance, or uncover. We’ll work to make sure your outdoor space looks spectacular from all angles!

2. Desired Spaces:

Want to add a special area for your yard tools, create a patio seating area, or reserve a patch for a vegetable garden? No problem! We’ll figure out the best way to utilize your current layout to include your desired spaces.

3. Vertical Space:

You may not think about it, but there’s always above-ground space to be considered. Do you need extra shade or do you want a few trees cut down to let in some sunlight? We’ll also discuss how to incorporate walls, steps, raised flower beds, patios, and more into your landscape.

4. Plants/Trees/Flowers:

Like accessories are chosen based on the outfit, planting choices are based on the surrounding area. We’ll help you figure out the best colors, shapes, and sizes that compliment your outdoor space best. We’ll also consider sun exposure, soil moisture, and resistance to pests and deer.

5. Lighting:

We’ll help you choose the perfect outdoor lighting scheme to illuminate your yard.

6. Maintenance:

Whether you want to utilize our maintenance services, or do the maintenance yourself, we will design the space with your level of upkeep in mind.

7. Budget:

All of the above will be taken into consideration with your budget in mind.

After our designer speaks with you and has an accurate understanding of your wishes, we will then create the plans your dream outdoor space to later present to you. At Grasshopper Gardens, we do our best to combine all of your needs and wants in a way that still falls within your budget.

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