Snow Removal and Your Health: How to Manage It

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Clearing the snow is a winter chore for most of us in the northeast. Some seem to embrace it, while others curse the weather and grumble the whole way down their driveway.

No matter what side of that proverbial fence you’re on, remember: snow shoveling and removal is physically challenging and you need to make sure you’re up for the work – whether you know for sure or not.

You should always check with your doctor before engaging in physically exhausting work, but we do have some tips for you to consider in the short-term:

  1. Snow shoveling is a known trigger for heart attacks – consult your doctor before the snow arrives
  2. Cold air can cause constriction of the blood vessels and decrease oxygen to the heart
  3. Between 1996 and 2006, over 190,000 Americans were treated in emergency rooms for snow shoveling-related incidences. Let’s also understand that those types of issues led to over 1600 deaths.

At Grasshopper Gardens we offer snow removal services and parking lot plowing to allow for easier access, sight lines and maneuverability. And, after a warm day of snow melt, the cold nights can bring some nasty and dangerous ice. We can treat the ice to allow for safe access in and out to your home or business.

Stay Healthy and Safe! Call us to schedule regular snow and ice removal services for your home or business (or both!).