Seeing Red in Your Lawn? Learn How to Keep Your Lawn Healthy

keep your lawn healthy

Upstate New York and the Capital District have seen a lot of rainfall which can certainly take its toll on your landscape. With this much rain you need to keep a watchful eye on your lawn as it can become susceptible to disease. One disease in particular is Red Thread Disease.

What is Red Thread Disease?

The red thread in your lawn is primarily due to the excessive rain and humidity. Red thread is a foliar disease that does not affect the crown or the roots of the grass, so plants are not killed and the turf will eventually recover.

How to Reduce the Effects of Red Thread Disease

  • Reduce Watering:

    With frequent rain you will most likely not have to water at all. If you do find your lawn is in need, reduce the amount of water you use.

  • Water Earlier:

    Water only in the morning and mid-day, this gives the grass blades a chance to dry out before nightfall.

  • Proper Fertilization:

    Fertilize the lawn regularly to promote grass growth.

  • Aerate Each Year:

    Aerating the lawn every fall increases the air flow and water movement to the root zone.

  • Thatch Each Year:

    Thatching the lawn every spring reduces the amount of thatch in the lawn which tends to hold moisture around the grass blades promoting fungus and also restricts the water from penetrating to the root zone.

  • Fungicides:

    In severe cases fungicides can be used

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