Protect Your Trees and Shrubs from Northeast Winters

northeast winter landscape

Many trees and shrubs have adapted to the frigid winters, but, they still require care and prep prior to the first snowfall. The winter sun, temperatures, even wind, can damage foliage and bark. It is also possible for the roots and branches to become injured, and in some cases it is possible for the roots to parish due to these conditions.

Protect Your Plants

If you have any recently planted foliage in your landscape the roots haven’t been able to make it far into the depths of the soil. Because of this, it is essential to continue watering them thoroughly throughout the duration of the fall season. Ideally, they should be watered until the ground freezes.

Once the ground has frozen it is ideal to add a significant amount of mulch around the base of the young trees, shrubs, and other newly planted foliage. This step helps to insulate the soil and protect against the elements.

Another step that you will need to take for younger trees and shrubs is to add a layer of protection so that wildlife is unable to make a snack of your plants. Common guards are made from wire or hard plastics and help to prevent mice and rabbits from gnawing on bark and foliage. Another barrier that has proven to be effective against the elements is burlap. This material is wonderful to use for many plants, even hardy perennials.

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These are only a few of the steps our team of specialists take in order to protect your plants against the winter elements. We don’t expect you to go at it alone either! Contact us today so that we can put together a plan to protect your plants for the coming season!