Organic Lawn Care Can Make All the Difference

Kid standing on head in grass

Did you know that some dollar estimates for attaining a healthy lawn in the United States can top $40 billion dollars a year? And did you know most of that money is put into superficially helping grass look great, but in many cases can damage the environment; including both the soil and local water sources?

What’s the Answer? Going Organic, Of Course!

Having a company implement an organic program means planting grass and plants that what will do well in the northeast climate, watering deeply but infrequently, and avoiding the use of dangerous and expensive chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

How Grasshopper Gardens Does It

First, the benefits of an organic program:

  • Builds organic matter in the soil, increasing soil health
  • Stimulates natural soil life
  • Strengthens plants’ natural defense system
  • Improves root growth
  • Reduces drought stress

Our organic program focuses on mechanical methods to create desirable conditions for the lawn to grow. An organic fertilizer is spread four times per season to provide nutrients to the soil.

  • Treating lawn with a homogenous organic fertilizer
  • Aeration in spring and fall
  • Topdressing with organically composted soil in the fall

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