Make Lawn Aerating Part of Your Lawn Maintenance Routine

lawn aeration device

At Grasshopper Gardens we want your lawn to flourish throughout the spring and summer months. In order for this to happen completely, aerating the lawn is a step that should happen each year.

What is Aeration and Why is it Important

Throughout the spring and summer months your lawn becomes compacted from the traffic and use that comes from your family and friends which prevents healthy growth for the following year. Aeration opens up spaces in the lawn which allows for water, air, and nutrients to reach the grass’ roots. Once the spaces are created, the lawn “catches” fertilizer, seed, and water which helps to encourage natural growth and thickening of your lawn.

The Benefits of Aeration

  • There are many benefits of aerating which include:
  • Healthy Root Growth
  • Relieves Soil Compaction
  • Incorporates Organic Matter Into The Soil
  • Improves Drainage
  • Reduces Chances Of Crabgrass Infestation
  • And Many More!

Aeration diagramAeration Made Possible With Grasshopper Gardens

Our aeration process is made possible by the use of a machine which is equipped with cylinder-like spoons designed to penetrate the soil. This system allows for an efficient and precise aerating process. The machine ensures a precise and calibrated process to help promote healthy growth. Don’t wait; contact Grasshopper Gardens today! Our team of specialists will be happy to handle your lawn care needs so you don’t have to!