How to Water Your Lawn

improper lawn watering

It’s no secret that your lawn needs to be properly watered to maintain its status as the best-looking lawn on the block. With the dry summer the Capital Region has been having, it’s more important now than ever to learn exactly how to water your lawn.

At Grasshopper Gardens, we carefully select the best products and services possible to ensure that your lawn looks great. Follow these simple steps to keep your lawn achieving greatness between our visits:

  • Give your lawn at least 1” – 1 ½” of Water Per Week:

    Dry lawns at this time of year risk going into winter stressed, and are more susceptible to winter damage. You can buy a rain gauge to keep track of how much rain you’re getting and adjust your watering accordingly.

  • Water 2-3 times Per Week, Rather Than Daily:

    Daily watering will give your grass a shallow root system, which will dry out quickly and weaken your turf. Watering deeply three times per week will make your grass stronger and more drought-resistant by giving it a deep root system.

  • Water As Early As Possible:

    You want your lawn to dry completely before nightfall, as a lawn that is regularly wet at night can lead to fungus and disease problems. When possible, water your lawn early in the morning.

  • Check Your Sprinklers:

    It’s important to check your sprinklers every so often to be sure it is completely covering your lawn.

  • Is Your Lawn Still Brown?

    If you find that the brown areas of grass are not responding to these tips, it is possible that there is another problem. Call Grasshopper Gardens and we will check it out for you!

Need more lawn watering tips?