How to Prepare Your Lawn for the Cold Winter Ahead

winter landscaping tasks

Keeping your lawn healthy all-year-long isn’t always an easy process. Although some may think there’s nothing left to do now until next spring, fall is actually the perfect time to get started on making some improvements to the health of your lawn.


We highly suggest aeration as a part of your annual lawn maintenance plan. When Grasshopper aerates your lawn, we take out small cores of soil that allows space for air, water, and nutrients to reach the grassroots. This process is best done in the fall, when the cooler air temperatures and warm soil temperatures will allow for a lawn to recover easily. It will also encourage good root development before the upcoming winter, which is especially important for stressed lawns.

Over Seeding

At Grasshopper, we believe that a healthy lawn begins with quality seed. This is why we make use of premium quality grass seed to enhance lawn coverage and vibrancy. After aerating your lawn to ensure that sunlight, air, and water will reach the seeds, we recommend that the next step of your annual lawn maintenance plan includes over seeding. It is also best to do this process in the fall, as newly-germinated grass seed has a greater chance of survival in the cooler season.


We recognize the importance of ensuring that your lawn is getting the essential nutrients that it needs to stay strong and healthy. After completing aeration and over-seeding, Grasshopper often will top-dress with compost in order to put back the important nutrients that lawns tend to be depleted of over time. The benefits are numerous! Compost acts as a natural fertilizer, will enhance the water retention capacity of the soil, will protect the soil and grass roots from extreme weather, and much more.

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