5 Dormant Pruning Benefits

dormant pruning sheers

Summer is in the rearview mirror for those of us living in the Capital Region, which means caring for your landscape has come to an end, right? Wrong. There is still work to be done to prepare your trees and shrubs for the winter months. It’s at this point in our seasonal changes when a plant’s life has reached its state of dormancy. Something many homeowners and business owners tend to neglect is the process of pruning their plants during this period of time. Plants that are pruned during their dormant season see a large scale of benefits; let’s dive into 5 of the benefits!

5 Benefits of Pruning During the Dormant Season

As we’ve learned previously, the winter season creates an opportune time to prune the plant life on your landscape. So what are some of the benefits of pruning plants that have gone dormant?

1. Structure:

Proper pruning techniques help to create a strong plant, in addition to it looking more attractive. This is especially important for younger trees. The appropriate amount of pruning at a younger age will create less of a chance of corrective pruning as the tree begins to age.

2. Safety:

As plants age, it’s common for limbs to become weak, damaged, or even diseased. Leaving these limbs in place increases the chances of them falling during the winter months and potentially damaging the surrounding area.

3. Growth:

In addition to safety concerns, pruning away dead or diseased limbs promotes positive health and growth for the tree or shrub. When left in place, the plant sends a lot of nutrients to the limbs in an attempt to repair them. This means less nutrients and energy for the remainder of the plant.

4. Circulation:

As trees, ornamental grass, and shrubs grow, it’s common for areas to become thick and overgrown with branches. When this growth happens, it decreases the opportunity for proper air circulation which can then lead to diseases setting in. Thinning out overgrown areas promotes proper air circulation.

5. Longevity:

Plants that are regularly pruned and maintained are more likely to have longer, healthier lives. Trees and shrubs that are in good health tend to have a higher chance of withstanding elements like heavy snow, ice, even strong gusts of wind.

Trimming and pruning dormant plants ensures the beauty and health of many plants including shrubs, trees, and ornamental grasses. It also gives them a positive start to the next growing season. Leaving dead or diseased limbs or plants in place can encourage the damage to spread to healthier areas. Our professionals provide the expert knowledge and skills your plants need for successful pruning and thinning. To schedule your dormant pruning assessment and service, contact Grasshopper Gardens today! Give your plants the healthy start for the next growing season they deserve while protecting them from the shock of winter.