2 Compelling Reasons to Hire a Lawn Mowing Service

proper lawn care

Ah, the warmth of spring and summer are just over the horizon, so to speak. Winters here in the northeast tend to make people feel like the season stretches much longer than it really does.

And, with the warmer weather comes the time you get to spend sipping a cold beverage, playing with the kids in the yard, and basically soaking in the sun and warm, fresh air.

Well, that’s the ‘ideal’ way people think of the upcoming warmer seasons. When in reality, it’s just about time to do the dreaded spring clean up and start mowing the lawn once a week — all tasks that rob you of down time and relaxation. But apart from the time doing the yard work and mowing it takes to do them both right, there’s got to be other reasons why hiring a professional service to mow!

Well, we’ve got 2 really compelling reasons to hire a mowing service:

1. We Know Lawns Like You Know Your Kids

Just like how you can tell your child is fibbing, just by looking at them, we can spot troublesome problems with your yard and help you take care of them immediately, before they become super expensive fixes. Boom, we save you money.

2. Yeah, But I Can Save Money By Mowing My Own Lawn!

Maybe! Let’s break it down:

  • Purchase a quality riding mower
  • Annual Oil Changes and Tune Up
  • Sharpening of Blades
  • Gallons and gallons of gas
  • Purchase a Blower and Maintain It
  • Purchase a Weedeater and Maintain It

If we factor in gas and maintenance against your 1/2 acre lawn at 2 hours per mowing (let’s say you think $15 an hour is what your time is worth), and 25-30 mowings per year; you might come up with a total average that is slightly lower than a professional service.

We do, however, have to now factor in the initial cost of equipment. Again, by using averages, we find that it would take you 6-7 years of mowing it yourself to recover the amount of money you invested in quality equipment to begin with. So, mowing it yourself isn’t a hug money saver, nor does it allow you to have more time to kick back with a tasty beverage and just enjoy your home and family.

Give us a call or email us and we can come out and give you a quote specific to your lawn and your needs!