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Tree & Plant Installation

Tree & Plant Installation in the Capital Region

At Grasshopper Gardens, we offer complete design, installation, and maintenance services for the plants on your property. With years of experience, our team has the knowledge and skills to ensure that your plants are installed properly. Whether you’re looking to have new trees or plants installed in your backyard or on your commercial property, we can guide you in the right direction.

Design Services

We take the time to properly prepare the landscape so that your new trees and plants have a fertile ground to grow. We’ll consider light requirements, available space, soil conditions, water requirements and plant growth rates before recommending the trees and plants that would suit your property the best.

Our design process begins with a meeting so we can get to know you and discuss your needs and wants. After assessing your property, we put together a plan to give you the design of your dreams. Once the plan is approved, we set out to build and install your design so you can enjoy it for years to come.

Trees Native to Upstate New York

Installing trees and plants can add to the value of your home, meaning a larger ROI should you choose to sell in the future. Our experts have experience in selecting the right plants for the Upstate NY climate, ensuring that they’ll live for years to come.

Trees native to Upstate New York:

  • Red Pine
  • Scotch Pine
  • Douglas Fir
  • Flowering Crab Apple
  • Pagoda Dogwood
  • Red Maple
  • Chestnut Oak
  • White Oak

Our Nursery

One of the benefits of working with Grasshopper Gardens is having access to our nursery. We offer trees, flowers, vegetables, and mums that have been properly cared for and prepared for planting. When you buy from our nursery, you know exactly where your trees and plants are coming from. Our native plants will also more easily adapt in your landscape, support wildlife and prevent invasive plant species from taking over your landscape.

Discover some more benefits of choosing native plants from our nursery by clicking here.

Tree and Plant Care

Having your trees and plants installed is only the beginning. The newest additions to your landscape will need care and maintenance to keep them healthy and growing. Protection from weeds, overgrowth, disease, and pests is a time consuming but necessary job.

In addition to installing your landscape, we’ll also come up with a custom maintenance plan. We’ll do all the heavy lifting to ensure your trees, plants and shrubs look their best while you sit back and enjoy them!

Some care and maintenance services include:

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Just a note to say "thank you" and how pleased we were with the work you recently did on our property.  It was a pleasant experience from the start.

-Shelley S.

“Best fall cleanup (or spring cleanup) ever. Not a leaf or pine needle left on my lawn or garden beds. Their work was impeccable. If I was here when they left, I would've tipped them.”

-David O.

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