Adams Crabapple


Adams Crabapple is highly rated for disease resistance. This crabapple has carmine buds that open to single pink blooms. In spring, new foliage emerges green with a red tint, retaining a very slight tinge when mature. Fall color is a beautiful orange-red, topped by persistent carmine-red fruit. Its densely rounded shape makes it a great asset to any property. Prune regularly to promote health and air circulation. Remove any dead or damaged branches. (* Caliper is width of tree trunk)

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#3 Container 4-5 Feet

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Additional information

Botanical Name

Malus 'Adams'



Hardiness Zones


Mature Height

10-20 ft

Mature Spread

less than 20'

Light Needs

Full Sun



Bloom Time

Mid spring

Flower Color

Pink (pink shades)

Deer Resistant



#15 Container 4-6 Feet, #7 Container 4-6 Feet, * 2-2.5" Caliper / 10-15 Feet, #3 Container 4-5 Feet


Deciduous, Flowering