Lawn Aeration & Mechanical Seeding – Spring 2024


Soil compaction of the ground will suffocate your grass and prevent the necessary nutrients from reaching the root zone. The professionals at Grasshopper Gardens can make your lawn more vibrant by aerating and seeding it, which will provide it with the necessary breathing room and path for all essential nutrients to reach the roots as well as use grass seed to promote additional growth and, in turn, produce a thicker and healthier lawn. This service is available in the spring 2024

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Service Available Spring 2024

Soil compaction of the ground will suffocate the grass and prevent the necessary nutrients from reaching the root zone. Aerating your lawn is beneficial because it will remove the thatch and provide your lawn with room to breathe and create a pathway for all essential nutrients, sunlight, airflow, and water to reach the roots. Over-seeding your lawn after aerating it will allow the seeds to get the necessary nutrients needed for proper germination as well. Mechanical seeding is a process that uses a machine to evenly disperse seeds and drive them into your lawn. This is the most effective way to over-seed an existing lawn because it achieves great seed-to-soil contact with minimal invasion of the existing lawn.

Our seeding programs make use of premium quality grass seed to enhance lawn coverage and vibrancy. We believe that a healthy lawn begins with quality seed.

These services also assure optimization of your lawn care treatments.

**Grasshopper Gardens is not responsible for any damage to existing irrigation systems, invisible dog fences, or underground wires that may occur during the course of the work. We recommend marking any known utilities or wires that are close to the surface of your lawn prior to our arrival in an attempt to prevent any possible damage. **This is a one-time seeding. Results are not guaranteed. We recommend topsoil for bare or struggling areas prior to seeding for best chance of germination. It is expected the resident will meet all watering requirements. Proper watering practices are absolutely necessary to achieve consistent germination and positive long-term results.

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