Organic Insect Control


As the sun starts to shine and the weather starts warming up, you start to spend more and more time outdoors. Unfortunately, that also means the bugs want to come out and enjoy the nice weather as well, which can make your time outside a lot less enjoyable. With a professional insect control program, you won’t have to worry about sharing your backyard with these unwanted guests!

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Our organic insect control includes applying an organic liquid product to your lawn that creates a protective barrier around your outdoor living space that will kill and prevent insects for up to 30 days. This program consists of an application that deals with a wide range of insects including ants, fleas, mosquitos, spiders, and much more.

6 Treatments starting in April through October

Treatment Schedule:

Early Spring Insect Control = Approximate dates April 1 – May 11, 2024  (Alternate dates May 12 – May 18, 2024)

Late Spring Insect Control = Approximate dates May 13 – June 22, 2024  (Alternate dates June 23 – June 29, 2024)

Mid-Summer Insect Control = Approximate dates June 23 – July 27, 2024  (Alternate dates July 28 – August 3, 2024)

Late Summer Insect Control = Approximate dates July 28 – August 31, 2024  (Alternate dates September 1 – September 7, 2024)

Fall Insect Control = Approximate dates September 1 – October 5, 2024  (Alternate dates October 6 – October 12, 2024)

Winter Insect Control = Approximate dates October 6 – October 31, 2024  (Alternate dates November 1 – November 7, 2024)

**Organic products, by nature, are limited in their performance.
**Chemical rescue treatments to help deal with tougher to control insects are available upon request at an additional charge.