Tree Purchase and Installation

There’s just 3 easy steps to have your new tree planted by Grasshopper Gardens!

  1. Browse our selection of trees – all grown and guaranteed to thrive in our area. If you are in our service area, you may purchase your tree right online.
  2. Our team will reach out to you and mail you a Welcome Home package for your new tree. Once you receive your welcome package, place the provided tree location stake in the spot where you envision your new tree will be installed.
  3. Contact Grasshopper Gardens to schedule a time for our expert installers to come and plant your tree in its forever home. You will soon enjoy a lifetime of benefits only a tree can offer!

Service Area

Grasshopper Gardens currently only offers online tree purchases and installation in the following zip codes:

Saratoga County: 12019, 12020, 12027, 12065, 12074, 12118, 12148, 12151, 12170, 12803, 12822, 12831, 12833, 12835, 12850, 12859, 12863, 12866, 12871, 12884, 12188

Warren County: 12801, 12804, 12814, 12820, 12824, 12845, 12846, 12885

Washington County: 12809, 12827, 12828, 12834, 12839

Albany County: 12201, 12205, 12047, 12054, 12077, 12110, 12211, 12186, 12189

Schenectady County: 12301, 12302, 12309

Fulton County: 12078

Rensselaer County: 12179

What’s Included in the purchase price of each tree

Shortly after you purchase your tree online, you will receive a Welcome Home tree package by mail which includes information on your tree and how it will grow, a location stake, and care instructions.

Each tree planted by Grasshopper Gardens will be staked with 1-inch x 5-foot wooden stakes, mulched with an organic microbial rich leaf and wood compost mulch, watered and fertilized at time of planting.

The Grasshopper Gardens Tree Guarantee

Each tree planted by Grasshopper Gardens will be guaranteed for 1 year*.

*Damage caused by lack of water, animal, insect, or physical means voids the warranty.

Please note, Grasshopper Gardens is temporarily unable to perform tree installations due to government mandate. However, you may still order your tree online and receive your Welcome Home package.