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Spring Landscape Cleanup with Grasshopper Gardens

Spring Landscape Cleanup with Grasshopper Gardens photo
Grasshopper Gardens - Wednesday, February 07, 2018
Spring is a season of growth and renewal, and, it’s one many of us pine for. As winter begins to melt, we start to see the havoc it wreaked on our landscapes.  Broken limbs on trees and shrubs, stone fencing in disarray, even debris covering your foliage are all issues that need to be addressed before the warmer seasons can truly be enjoyed. The professionals of Grasshopper Gardens will help ensure your landscape makes a full recovery from the winter season and is ready for month of enjoyment!

Spring Landscape Cleanup Services

Whether your landscape is modest in size or boasts a few acres, Grasshopper Gardens will work diligently to ensure it receives the treatment it deserves and is left with a professional, manicured, look. A few of our professional spring landscape cleanup services include:

Debris Removal: Whether you were unable to utilize our fall landscape cleanup to have leaves and brush removed, or the season brought additional debris with the snowfall, it will need to be removed so your foliage has a healthy growing season. Areas that are covered with debris are more apt to be blocked by the sun and likely to develop diseases, both of which can hinder their growth and lifespan. 

Dethatching: Too thick of a thatch will quickly diminish the health of your lawn in many ways including the formation of an impervious layer that prevents water, fertilizer, as well as insect or disease controls from reaching the soil. Additionally it blocks sunlight from reaching lower grass blades. Moreover, it can hold moisture against the blades of grass which can foster disease. Our process of dethatching will leave you with a lawn that is luscious and healthy throughout the growing season.

Mowing: A vital step that works incongruent with our spring landscape cleanup, is mowing the lawn. Allow our professionals to mow your lawn at the start of the spring season in preparation for the warmer months and then throughout the season so you can spend your time doing what you actually enjoy! 

This is just the tip of the iceberg of our spring landscape cleanup services! Working with our team of experienced professionals will give you the landscape and curb appeal you desire for your home or business. Contact us today to receive your FREE estimate!

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