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Lawn Fertilization is More Than Just Lush Green Grass

Lawn Fertilization is More Than Just Lush Green Grass photo
Grasshopper Gardens - Tuesday, June 21, 2016
Professional fertilization programs from Grasshopper Gardens promote a vibrant lawn throughout the year. But fertilization goes beyond just ‘looking healthy’.

Your grass battles weather, pests and disease on a daily basis, and needs regular attention.

Preparing it for the frigid weather is as important as getting it ready for the growing season.

Our experienced lawn technicians use proven processes and fertilization treatments to help keep your grass healthy and green!

The benefits of a healthy lawn:

  • Reduces soil erosion and water runoff
  • Traps and help control dust
  • Cools your outdoor living area
  • Increases value of home and property
  • Thicker grass chokes out weeds
  • Firms up the soil
  • Reduces muddy patches
  • Healthier root system thrive
  • Makes your neighbors jealous

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